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Monotech offers an exceptional sportsbook package that encompasses a diverse array of sporting events, including virtual and esports, providing unparalleled value. You can count on user-friendly customizations and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.
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Risk free discovery of sports

VIsitors are introduced to the pulse pounding exhilaration of free betting through the sportsbook feature. This offering provides an optimal avenue to delve into the realm of sports predictions, devoid of any associated risk. Tailored to cater to both seasoned bettors and newcomers alike, these promotions extend the opportunity to put sports insights to the test, formulate precise predictions, and potentially amass actual winnings – all without necessitating the use of personal funds.


Live Tracker

Feel like a part of the game

Users are encouraged to remain at the pinnacle of sportsbook betting action through the integration of the live tracking feature on the online casino platform. This feature facilitates real-time monitoring of every nuance of the game, encompassing fluctuations in odds, live scores, and dynamic updates. Empowered by this comprehensive live tracking system, users gain the capacity to render informed decisions, adapt their bets on the fly, and become fully immersed in the matchs excitement as never before. Elevating the sportsbook experience, this advanced tracking system beckons users to engage with the exhilaration of live betting, capturing the essence of the match in an entirely unprecedented manner.

50.000+ Live Events per Month

Themed events

Enthusiasts are invited to delve into an unparalleled realm of sporting events showcased on the online casino platform's sportsbook. Spanning international championships to grassroots tournaments, the platform's comprehensive coverage spans a diverse array of events across a spectrum of sports. Distinguished by a user friendly interface and exhaustive event inclusivity, users are empowered to place bets on beloved teams and athletes, scrutinize statistical insights, and actively immerse themselves in the thrill of every match. The platform promises an immersive engagement that grants users unprecedented access to the realm of sports, where every wager becomes a vessel of excitement and potential victory.


Control is in users hands

Users are empowered to exercise unprecedented control over their bets through the innovative Cash Out feature. Whether the games trajectory is aligning with expectations or diverging into unforeseen directions, Cash Out extends the ability to safeguard winnings or curtail potential losses prior to the conclusive moment. This transformative feature bestows users with the capacity to enact real time decisions, thereby ensuring a consistent sense of command over their bets. Cash Out introduces a realm of flexibility and heightened engagement, presenting users with a tool that introduces an entirely new strategy within the platform.


Virtual Games

New kind of fun

Users are invited to venture into a virtual landscape of sporting fervor through the integration of the pioneering virtual games feature on platforms sportsbook. This innovation transports users into lifelike simulations of diverse sports events, spanning soccer to horse racing, each vividly brought to life by the application of cutting edge technology. Marked by rapid-paced action, fluid odds, and the anticipation of instantaneous outcomes, virtual games present an enthralling and unforeseeable betting encounter, enriched by engaging and unpredictable dynamics that captivate users attention.


Keep up with the trend

Enthusiasts are welcomed to delve into the electrifying domain of esports betting, courtesy of the sportsbook feature. Within this arena, users are invited to immerse themselves in the competitive gaming universe, placing bets on preferred esports tournaments and matches. Whether it's iconic titles or emerging contenders, the platform offers an all-encompassing spectrum of esports events ripe for wagering. Users are encouraged to experience the unparalleled synthesis of gaming and sports betting, where the convergence of these two worlds takes on a new dimension, redefining the boundaries of excitement and engagement.


Create a new stars

Enthusiasts are immersed in the zenith of competitive exhilaration through the dynamic betting tournaments. Within this realm, participants witness their betting acumen commanding the spotlight as they vie against fellow devotees to secure esteemed ranks and coveted prizes. From high stakes showdowns to meticulously calculated challenges, the betting tournaments infuse an additional stratum of fervor into the sportsbook journey.

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Bet builder

Build bets with ease

The Bet Builder feature beckons, inviting players to channel their strategic brilliance. Within this tool, they can seamlessly weave together diverse selections from a single sporting event, fashioning bespoke bets that align perfectly with their predictions. Grant players the freedom to harmonize various outcomes, resulting in bets that mirror their unique insights and preferences.

Bet Builder

Did you try our Platform?

Build the core of your business with Monotech platform that combines everything you need to manage your business with 3rd party solutions to offer your players, in one place with new features that even you didn’t know you needed. Our constantly upgraded, state of art and intelligence, easy-to-use platform you will always be ahead of your competitors.

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A word from our Partners

We have been working closely with Monotech for the last years and i can most definitely say that their commitment to excellence, exceptional products, and business ethics have been instrumental in our joint success. Their team's dedication to our shared goals and their consistent ability to exceed expectations have made them an invaluable partner in our business endeavors. We appreciate their reliability, professionalism, and collaborative spirit, and we look forward to many more years of prosperous partnership. It's a pleasure working with such a trusted and accomplished partner!

Chris Nikolopoulos
Chris Nikolopoulos CCO Betby

We always want to work with forward-thinking teams looking to innovate and disrupt the online casino space, so Monotech was an ideal partner for us. Aviatrix is one of the fastest-growing games in the world right now, and adding it to the Monotech platform helps us maintain this momentum. We are cooperating closely with them so their operators and customers can enjoy our next-generation crash game

Lucie Kadlecová
Lucie Kadlecová CMO Aviatrix

It's been an absolute pleasure working with the Monotech Team. Their dedication to our partnership has been remarkable, and their commitment to delivering top-notch services to our casino platform is truly commendable. At Vivo Gaming, we believe in collaborating with industry leaders, and the Monotech team has certainly proven themselves to be just that. Our partnership with Monotech has been a testament to the power of collaboration, and it's clear that both parties have benefited greatly. We look forward to many more years of success and innovation with the Monotech Team by our side.

Tomer Bercoviz
Tomer Bercoviz VP Marketing Vivo Gaming